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Mag loop


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The FMW Magnetic loop antenna by M0AJJ compared against the Alex loop by PY1AHD

The first thing I did with the Sark 110 antenna analyser was to see what the FMW loop was like across the bands 10m,12m,15m,17m,20m,30m,40m compared to the Alex Loop and below are the plots taken for each antenna.

After realising the extraordinary properties of the mag loop antennas and trying out an Alex Loop on loan from Ian M0ODD I wanted one for myself, yes I could have built one myself but I stumbled across this little beauty on Ebay. I paid the princely sum of £85 for it.

It is fully collapsible and covers 40m to 10m very comfortably. It even came with the tripod. I have not had chance to take it out up the hills or to the coast yet but that is the plan. The saving I have made on buying this antenna from Ebay has allowed me to buy a new antenna analyser, the Sark110.

The Sark 110

The Alex Loop

The FMW Mag Loop

The FMW Loop                                                                     The Alex Loop      

The obvious thing in the plots is the narrow band width of the Alex loop antenna compared to the FMW Loop, the Alex loop does give the classic VSWR plot expected. I am sure that FMW loop is still a good bet for the money. Time will tell once I get out there with it and see what I can do QRP. I will update this page with the results as soon as possible.